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With the birth of our grandchildren, we became very aware of the increasing need for more natural products for our babies to wear, use and play with. HENCE, the birth of Duck Duck Goose.

Milford, CT, has always been home to me. I grew up and raised my family in Milford, and am proud to contribute to the on-going development of downtown Milford. So we're thrilled to be able to operate Duck Duck Goose in downtown Milford, close to the Green.

We are always on the look out for great, organic and earth-friendly products. If you are a local artist, children's book author or creator of products you think fits Duck Duck Goose's mission, please contact us using the Contact Us Form on our web site. 

- Yvonne Stobie, Owner

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Find fun and fashionable children’s clothing.

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Stuffed animals and puppets make great friends 

and companions for the little folks. And they’re so cuddly 

and soft. A dream for play time and snuggle time.


You’ll find that little something extra you’re looking for 

whether it’s cute pins for your little girl’s hair, toy airplanes 

you remember from when you were young or accessories

 to help the Tooth Fairy.


Come to Duck Duck Goose. It's a fun place to shop.

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