Gift Buckets

We, at Duck Duck Goose, are happy to offer a new exciting way to package and present your New Baby, Shower, Birthday or Holiday gift for that special someone on your list. We call the package a Gift Bucket because it's all packed into a high-quality, multipurpose canvas bag.

While there are many ways to personalize and customize your special gift (which can be for all ages and occasions), we'd like to show you a few examples.

It's a Girl!

Its a girl gift basket milford ct 300

A beautiful canvas bucket of your choosing, packaged with: 

- A new baby girl outfit

- Organic socks and a sleep hat to match

- Something snugly for the new little girl

Mom's Hospital Stay

Mommys Hospital Gift Basket Milford Connecticut -300

A pretty canvas bucket packed with:

- A wonderfully soft and stylish "Dria" nursing cover

- A going home outfit for the little one, along with an organic onesie

- A snack pack (for labor or for Dad!)

- Soothing "Angel Baby" organic lotion

- Vegan "Poor and Pretty" lip gloss

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight childrens gift basket -300

A reusable bucket to include:

- A "Flink" organic crib sheet

- Organic PJ's (size specific)

- Slipper sox

- Something snuggly (perhaps a "Volkersenger" heatable organic stuffed animal.
Or a cozy friend from "Hazel Village")

Just for Fun

Just for Fun gift basket connecticut -300

A canvas bucket packed with:

- An assortment of your little one's soon to be favorite toys
For example: Eco-Dough, Plan miniature trucks, Glitter-Toos Tattoos,
Piggie Paint, nail polish, blocks, or puppets.
The possibilities are endless.

Recycled Canvas Buckets are Multi Purposed

We love the idea of the gift buckets at Duck Duck Goose because, not only do they make a beautiful gift, but after opening, the Recycled Canvas Buckets can be used around the nursery, toy room or car as a container for anything you can imagine or need to take with you.

No Waste of Paper and Ribbon. And very attractive!


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