Jessica & Dan Wilhem


Here are some of the gift items Jessica and Dan Wilhem have selected. If you would like to purchase some of these items as a gift to them, please call Duck Duck Goose at 203-874-6206 or tell us via the Contact Us page. 

Baby Due Date: October 24, 2015

Jessica’s and Dan's baby is due October 24th. They are having a surprise baby. Neither want to know the gender of their baby.

Shark Onesie-300

Jessica really likes "Sharks.” Here is a onesie she really loves for their new little one. Organic cotton. 

Shark Sleep Gown-300

Another Shark Favorite. An organic cotton sleep gown. Sooo Fun.

Dria Striped Nursing Cover Oslo-300

This is a beautiful, multifunctional nursing cover. Something really special for the new nursing mommy-to-be. Jessica really likes this gray striped option.

Organic Swaddle Blankets set-300

A trio of organic cotton Swaddle Blankets. By Aden and Anais.

Stretchty Baby Wrap-300

Jessica is truly looking forward to wearing her baby as much as possible. This beautifully soft stretchy wrap is a perfect way to wear her little one for the first year. Jessica states she does not care which color is chosen for her. She likes them all.

Baby Sleep Hat-300

Sweet, adorable, organic sleep hat. It really works!

Organic Baby Teddy Hat-300

Organic, handmade, cotton "Teddy" hat.

Organic Footed Baby Sleeper-300

Organic cotton footed sleeper and kerchief bib. Adorable!
Whale print sleeper.

Kerchief bib.

Feather Baby Romper-300

Feather baby. Adorable. Very girlie, long-sleeve romper.

Electrik Kidz Sleepsack Kids Organic-300

Another fun Sleepsack. By Electrik Kidz in Canada. Organic cotton. So fun. The constellations glow-in-the-dark.

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