Mario Garofalo

It’s Mario Garofalo’s 1st birthday! To help make shopping easier, Mario’s parents have selected these gifts to help make his birthday an especially fun event. If you would like to purchase some of these items as a gift for him, please call Duck Duck Goose at 203-874-6206 or tell us via the Contact Us page. 

Mario's Birthday is August 15th.

bath toys-300

Adorable bath toys from Plan Toys. 

Sailboat and Penguin $13  
Yellow Submarine $15


Everything's coming up dinosaurs!! 

Colorsaurus and Shapeasaurus books $9.99  
Also fun little Dinos on wheels $6.99

We think Mario would love any of these.

Oh yes the birthday party is August 15th!

Mini Roller-300
Mini Bulldozer-300

Indestructible Plan Toy Mini Roller and Mini Bulldozer. The perfect size for a toddler.

$24.99 each

scoots cars-H

SCOOTS! Perfect size for those little hands. Mommy thinks Mario would love any of these cars, police, fire truck, school bus, motorcycle and ambulance. 


Last but not least ...


This Whirly, twirly, helicopter. Perfect for the little guy on the Go Go Go!


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