Nicholas Watt


Nicholas Watt's parents have selected these gifts to help make his birthday especially fun. If you would like to purchase some of these items as a gift for him, please call Duck Duck Goose at 203-874-6206 or tell us via the Contact Us page. 

Nicholas' Birthday is August 15th.

Nicholas Birthday Idea 1-300

Plan colorful water blocks.


Nicholas Birthday Idea 2-300

Plan. Castle blocks. Colorful, versatile, Green and oh so fun!


Nicholas Birthday Idea 4-300
Nicholas Birthday Idea 3-300

These are a few of Nicholas' favorite puppets. They're made from refashioned sweaters. He loves pretending with these little ones.

$25 each

IMG 1375

Never to early to learn to play golf. Great indoors and outdoors.

$20 or $30

IMG 1384

Everearth bamboo play Dinos. Great pretending fun. 

$8 each

IMG 1387

Are you seeing a pattern??? Nicholas loves animals … Of all kinds.

Puzzles $20

IMG 3392

Finger puppets! Yes yes yes!!!! 

$5 each

IMG 6288 C

Bamboo jungle animals. Sooo fun. So safe.

$6 - $8 each

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